The Top 5 things Interims want from Recruiters


Interim management continues to go from strength to strength in UK FMCG. As more and more recruiters join the interim band wagon, at SJS we thought long and hard about what interim managers really want from recruiters.

What could we do to make sure we are delivering a service they want?

Rather than second guess, we decided to send out a survey asking interim managers within FMCG what service they would like from recruiters and received responses from just under 120 professional interims. Below is the top 5 responses with number 1 being the most reported answer:

1. Transparency on fees- interims professionals really dislike the smoke and mirrors approach by most recruiters with regards to what they are being paid vs what the client is paying the recruiter. Most feel like they could be being taken advantage of and this leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Most interims just want transparency and to know the recruiter isn’t charging way too much.

2. Timely feedback- speed of response was also important. Interims would like to know quickly if they have been selected for interview or have won the assignment. Recruiters going quiet and not feeding back quickly is a real problem. Interims want a service that is quick and efficient.

3. Expertise- interims want to deal with a recruiter that understands their market and has good relationships with the key players/employers. This way they not only get access to the best assignments but also market insight.

4. Respect- interims want to be treated with respect. Comments made back include answering/returning calls as well as keeping them up to date on the process without having to continually chase the recruiter

5. Assignments- interims want to deal with a recruiter that can deliver the goods. Namely a constant stream of decent assignments. They want someone who will work with them as their assignment nears conclusion so that they are kept gainfully employed.

So, there we have it. None of it rocket science. Which begs the question. Why aren’t more interim recruiters doing this? The feedback we received from the survey clearly illustrates there is some way to go in terms of recruiters delivering a consistently superb service.

At SJS we are growing our interim business by ensuring we listen and learn from our interims. We offer a transparent fee structure, an expert service that is quick, efficient and built on respect whilst placing the interim experience at the core of what we do.

We would be keen to hear feedback on any more areas that are important to interims.


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